Based in Los Angeles, Lindström Rugs was started by Erik Lindström, who sought to create a boutique, custom rug company with an emphasis on bespoke, hand-knotted and hand-tufted carpets for discerning residential and commercial clients. Lindström offers a curated selection of contemporary and transitional collections as well as one-of-a-kind vintage and antique pieces sourced from around the world.

With a creative focus on organic and timeless patterns, Lindström Rugs are derived primarily from the natural world, using flora, fauna, landscape and man-made objects as inspiration. Each piece is hand-made with a heavy, lustrous pile and uniquely rich colors that are produced to remain vibrant throughout a lifetime of enjoyment.

Produced for a variety of applications, Lindström Rugs can be woven into virtually any pattern, shape, color or size, and can be commissioned for any type of space. All rugs are manufactured from the finest natural materials, including wool, silk, nettle, cactus, hemp and linen. Beyond the designs created by the in-house studio led by Erik Lindström, the company also collaborates with a curated selection of world-renowned artists and designers to create exclusive rug collections. 


There are many steps involved in the evolution of a Lindström Rug. The first stage is to translate an idea into a design. This can be accomplished by choosing one of our designs or consulting with one of our designers to create your own custom pattern. Once decided on, a smaller sample of your design is ordered to ensure the pattern, color and weave desired is to your satisfaction. After a sample is selected, a full scale print out is created for our weavers. This illustrates both the pattern and also shows the texture of the completed rug, thus providing a good idea of what it will look and feel like in the end. Once complete, the rug is washed and sun-dried before being laid flat and hand-finished with trimming and carving techniques to produce the final details of your Lindström Rug.